Why You Shouldn’t Use AI to Write Blog Articles

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various industries has increased rapidly in recent years. With AI-powered tools becoming more accessible and easier to use, many businesses are turning to them for content creation. While AI-generated content may seem like a convenient and efficient way to produce articles and other written materials, it comes with several downsides.

One of the main issues with using AI to write articles is the lack of creativity and originality.

AI programs rely on pre-existing data and algorithms to generate content, which can result in generic and repetitive writing. This can lead to a lack of engagement and interest from readers, who may quickly lose attention and move on to other sources of information.

Another issue with AI-generated content is the lack of emotional intelligence.

AI programs do not have the ability to understand human emotions and are unable to convey empathy or humor, which are essential elements of engaging writing. Without these human qualities, the resulting content may come across as cold and impersonal, making it difficult to connect with readers on a deeper level.

Furthermore, AI-generated content may not be entirely accurate or reliable.

While AI programs can analyze large amounts of data and generate content quickly, they may not be able to discern the nuances and complexities of certain topics. This can lead to errors and inaccuracies in the content, which can damage a company’s reputation and credibility.

Another significant issue with using AI to write articles is the potential for bias.

AI algorithms rely on pre-existing data to generate content, which can reinforce existing biases and prejudices. This can result in discriminatory or offensive content, which can harm readers and damage a company’s reputation.

Finally, using AI to write articles may also result in job losses for human writers.

While AI-generated content may be cheaper and more efficient, it can lead to the displacement of human workers who rely on writing as a source of income.

In conclusion, while the use of AI for content creation may seem like an efficient and cost-effective solution, it comes with several significant downsides. From a lack of creativity and emotional intelligence to the potential for bias and job losses, there are many reasons why AI shouldn’t be used to write articles. Instead, businesses should focus on hiring skilled human writers who can produce engaging, original content that connects with readers on a personal level.

Everything above was written by ChatGPT. That’s right, AI. As I was thinking about what to write when it comes to why one shouldn’t rely on AI to write articles, content, imagery, code, etc., I thought why let AI tell you why AI shouldn’t be used. I fired up ChatGPT and asked it to write an article on why you shouldn’t use AI to write blog articles … and out popped the above. 😀

Artificial Intelligence is cool. As a tech nerd, I’m excited about what it can offer in the fields of information access. However, I see so much that it can do wrong. I still don’t understand how there simply cannot be ramifications for the content coming from AI, especially code. Where is the code coming from, and where is it sourced? Is it licensed properly? There are tons of unknowns and we should tread lightly. (Google’s Bard at least provides the source from where it gets its content in many cases.)

Using AI as an assistive tool is great. In fact, I have used ChatGPT (through one of my favorite apps, RayCast) to help me update content I have written to be more engaging, or to ask it to check for grammatical issues. As a programmer, I also use it to quickly check code references. I simply wouldn’t trust it to write code or content from scratch without some hesitation.

That being said, I think it’s worthwhile to learn about these exciting technologies. It will help you and your organization be prepared not only to implement it, but to be aware of the dangers, pitfalls, and maybe even legal ramifications of using it. It will be interesting to see how Artificial Intelligence unfolds as time goes by.


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