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Legal Stuff


1. Terms
If you visit our site and continue to visit our site you legally are bound and agree to our terms of use and disclaimer.

2. Services and Content
We may choose to close down our site at anytime and we may also use third party services to help us run our business.

3. Proprietary Rights
Some of the stuff on our site may be copyright/trademarked. So, don’t share the stuff on our site or treat it as your own.

4. Disclaimer of Warranties
We don’t guarantee anything will work or continue to work. It’s just a simple web site.

5. Limitation of Liability
We can’t be liable for damages to anyone who might visit or use our web site. This includes your family, your friends, your colleagues and even your cat. (Basically everyone in the known universe!)

6. External Content
We may link to other sites, but that doesn’t mean that we agree with or endorse those other sites. Please don’t take images or assets from our site without our permission.

7. Privacy
We use tracking tools to see how well our site is working with regards to how many people visit our site and where those people are located. You can use a blocker, opt out, or choose not to visit our site. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details on information we collect and what we do with that data and find out how you can opt out of tracking.

8. Jurisdiction
We get to choose the court location of any legal matter and that location is Richland County, South Carolina.

9. Agreement in Entirety
Everything in this agreement applies to you. Everything. Remember also that our site may use third party services, so their agreement may also apply to you.

10. Terms may change
We can change our terms and conditions anytime we want and we can remove them if we want. The moment we post the change and you visit our site you are bound by those changes if you continue to use our site.




Revised July 2019: Updated to use only clear language and removed legalese.

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