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Time for Some Spring Cleaning

Hard to believe that Spring is already here. With new flowers and plants blooming, it’s a great time to let that be a reminder to make some needed updates and changes to your web presence and social media presence. A wonderful strategy in customer retention is to keep your web presence updated on a regular basis. I know that many small businesses don’t have time to constantly update their sites, so these recommendations are easy and quick things you can do to keep your online presence fresh and new.

Update Homepage Content

If you don’t use a blog, a good strategy is to update your homepage with news and other content that grabs the attention of visitors. Consider promoting things you are doing now with your company. For example, if you are running a special or have a short term sale on your products you should promote it on your homepage, not just your social media channels.

Consistent Brand

One of the easiest and simplest ways you can convey a professional look is to use a consistent design across all of your online channels. It typically looks unprofessional if your company’s website looks totally different from your social media channels. It also isn’t a good practice to use different cover photos for your social media channels. Keep a consistent feel across the board. You can achieve this by using a similar cover photo on all your social media channels. Be sure also that you use the same logo design for all your social media channels. Basically, a visitor should immediately see a consistent brand feel no matter what online profile they view your company on. Take a few minutes to review your existing online channels to see if the are consistent or vary.

Update Headshots

Most corporate sites have images of staff or workers. It’s a great way to provide a personal feel to your offerings. Corporate headshots and photos of staff are a great way to reflect a professional look. However in a lot of cases, those photos are often rushed through just to get everyone on the site – especially when it’s first launched. Take time to review your staff page and update older photos. It’s also a great idea to take everyone’s photo at the same time or at least use the same background to achieve a unified design. The last thing you want is for your staff page to look like a hotdog stand!

Spring Clean

You’re probably already planning to do a little spring cleaning in your home or maybe your garage. Time to clean up things and maybe throw out older things just lying around. Take a similar approach to your website. Take some time to review all of the pages and clean things up. Remember that less is more sometimes when it comes to heavy content. Review your web analytics data to see if there are sections of your site that are not getting accessed to discover if there is a technical reason or if the content just simply isn’t being accessed for whatever reason. Maybe it’s time to re-write or maybe even delete that content.

So there you have it… a handful of Spring cleaning recommendations that can provide a quick and inexpensive way of cleaning up your web and social media presence. If you need help or are looking for a new web site, reach out today.

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