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MacOS Keyboard Shortcut Power Tip

Power Tip: Keyboard Shortcut in MacOS Saves Time

If you’re like me, you find yourself typing the same thing quite a bit. Maybe it’s a long salutation in a letter or email. With my maintenance clients I tend to respond with a similar little blurb. I’m always looking for a time saver when it comes to day-to-day work. Every little second adds up!

If you use a Mac computer there is a useful built-in feature that allows you to easily inject text (as I like to call it) into your document through the use of a keyboard shortcut. There are already some built in such as the copyright symbol and a shortcut that corrects the often misspelled ‘the’.

There are features built into some services such as Gmail that allow you to easily inject a template text, but this feature is global across the entire operating system and the applications it uses, including web based ones.

I’ve created shortcuts on my Mac so that when I type a certain word or phrase it will automatically inject a large amount of text for me. For example, as I mentioned above, when I respond to a client after handling a maintenance request I can use a shortcut to construct a quick reply.

The video below will show you how to create your own keyboard shortcut on your Mac computer. Hope it helps to make your daily routine a little easier!

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