Wordpress Backup Tips

Backing Up WordPress with Updraft

Updraft Plus is the backup tool that I recommend for making your own backups of your entire WordPress site. It’s always a good idea to make regular backups of your site if you are not on one of my maintenance plans that provides regular backups for you. (Even if you are, knowing how to make your own backups is never a bad idea!)

In this short tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of using this backup plugin. This tutorial assumes that your site is already setup and configured with the Updraft Backup plugin. If not, you can download the free Updraft plugin or purchase the pro version of the plugin if you need more options. As always, reach out to me for assistance or if you have questions.

  1. Access your WordPress admin.
  2. Click Updraft Backup in the Settings Menu.
  3. Click the large “Backup” button to initiate a manual backup. (Be sure you have selected all of the backup options including database, themes, plugins, and other.)
  4. Allow the backup process to run. If you have a large site or a good bit of media, it may take a while. You can log out of WordPress and the process will run in the background.
  5. On completion, you’ll see your latest backup on the main Updraft screen. Click on each of the five backups (Database, Plugins, Themes, etc.) to download the backup file to your computer.
  6. Save your backup files in a safe, secure location.

While Updraft will store your backups on your web server, I highly recommend downloading your backup files as outlined above so that you have a version you control since hackers could potentially delete backup files if your site is hacked. In addition, if your site is large, keeping tons of backup files on your server could result in increased storage fees from your hosting company.

Have questions? Reach out to me. I am happy to help.


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