WannaCry, Wcry, WannaCrypt Ransomware and Common Sense

The WannaCry or Wcry or WannaCrypt ransomware “attack” as its been called by mainstream media has affected thousands of systems world-wide. It’s a reminder that malware is a real threat to everyone – individuals, non-profits and corporations of all sizes. The need to be vigilant and understand how these types of malicious code work is helpful in preventing future incidents.

Quite frankly, one of the main reasons why this particular strain of malware/ransomware was so effective is because people are not keep their operating systems updated and the latest patches updated. I’ve even seen reports where some people have turned off the windows update feature on their computer! If you have the latest patch issued in March by Microsoft you are immune to this attack according to security experts.

Needless to say, it’s also common sense to never open a file attachment that you are unsure about or that is sent from an unknown sender.

Yes, this particular ransomware only targets Microsoft Windows, but there are just as many “wild things” out in cyberspace that feed on Apple OS. No one is immune to these attacks!

Troy Hunt, a renown Microsoft security expert, has posted one of the best written articles on this particular ransomware that gives insight into how it works, but more importantly how to protect yourself and your organization from such attacks. This is a must read in this day and age…



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