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Should You Enable SSL on Your Website to Satisfy Google Chrome

As you’re likely aware, Google will begin alerting users of their popular Chrome browser of insecure websites beginning July 2018. While we don’t necessarily agree with Google’s “policing” of websites, we also understand that clients will want to…

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WannaCry, Wcry, WannaCrypt Ransomware and Common Sense

The WannaCry or Wcry or WannaCrypt ransomware “attack” as its been called by mainstream media has affected thousands of systems world-wide. It’s a reminder that malware is a real threat to everyone – individuals, non-profits and corporations of all…

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Keep it Secret. Keep it Strong. Keep it Safe.

One of the most common way hackers gain access to secure account is through weak passwords. Over the years we’ve experienced our own headaches with an account with a weak password and we’ve heard from clients who have…

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